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End Of Tenancy Cleaning in Billericay.

When leaving a rented home, it's crucial to be able to leave it in a similar state that you entered it in. Deep cleaning an entire home at the end of a tenancy agreement doesn't need to be stressful or tiring. Working with skilled end of tenancy cleaners can save you time, money and effort.

We supply a professional end of tenancy cleaning service throughout Essex, leaving you with a beautifully spotless home that you'll be happy to give back to the landlord / landlady - and in turn, they'll be glad to return your deposit. We're also happy to provide a letterheaded document to confirm that the property has undergone a thorough end of tenancy clean, available on application.

Maid Available appreciate that different people have varying requirements when it comes to getting your property clean, so we adapt our service with this in mind. We conduct an initial home visitation to go through what you need from our service, and to make sure it's something we can help you achieve.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Billericay

In the course of the end of tenancy clean, we'll thoroughly clean the kitchen cupboards both inside and out (provided the cupboards are emptied before hand). We'll restore your oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge / freezers (once emptied) to their glory. Lastly, we'll wipe and steam clean all flooring, skirting boards, worktop surfaces, window ledges and door frames.

Living Room Deep Cleaning in Billericay

Maid Available will mop hard flooring, hoover all carpetted areas and restore furniture with a complete polish, then on to a wipe of all skirting boards and door frames. The team will also ensure to remove any cobwebs that can be seen, as well as cleaning the internal window panes, sills and frames.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning in Billericay

While all rooms in a home will see the benefit from a deep clean, a bathroom deep clean is likely one of the most obvious. Every surface, from the window sill to the sink provides bacteria with the perfect place to build and spread. Deep cleaning the bathroom of a property involves clearing, scrubbing and dissinfecting surfaces, followed by thoroughly steam cleaning each area so that harmful bacteria is effectively removed.

Bedroom Deep Cleaning in Billericay

We'll start deep cleaning the bedrooms by removing any rubbish or waste collected in waste paper baskets / bins. Depending on the type of flooring in each bedroom, we'll either deep vacuum carpets, or mop and disinfect hard wood flooring. Our team will also take care of cleaning any internal window panes, wipe down the ledges, sills and frames and deep clean any empty wardrobes and cupboards.

If you're looking for end of tenancy cleaning services in Essex, speak to the Maid Available team today and get booked in for an initial consultation.

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